Frequently Asked Questions

You said organic is best. Why are there some products that are not?

In rare cases I don’t use organic because I wanted to try something new (or I simply ran out of it). Rest assured though that I always have the best available quality at hand until I stock up again. In some cases it can be that I bought it in a bulk store. Legislation has it that when you buy something organic in a large bulk and you open the packaging for retail you’d have to retest every batch to label it “organic” again. Bulk sellers often don’t do this nevertheless the product was organic or wildcrafted when it arrived at the store. Rest assured that I love my bulk store and that it is an awesome one with outstanding quality.

My hair feels greasy after washing it with a shampoo bar. What shall I do?

Don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong. Please consider using a apple cider vinegar/water rinse (1:1), then rinse very thoroughly again. If your hair still feels funny increase the amount of vinegar while using less water in your rinse. It’s also possible that the products you’ve used before clogged up your hair and it will take a couple of usages for your hair to get used to the natural way of washing.

Enjoy an all-natural hair experience!