Fully customizable Body Lotion


At Marie’s AromaÖle we believe that every body deserves a product that fulfills your unique skin’s needs. Thus, we created a product that is fully customizable…just like our lotion. This lotion is dreamy and hydrating and smooth. It penetrates the skin’s surface without being greasy.


Fall is my favorite season! Unfortunately, this is a rather rough season for our skins. So why and when should you use a lotion? Lotions are a lighter, water-based version of a body butter and just perfect for Late Summer and Fall. Because our skin looses a lot of hydration during a shower it is important to use something moisturizing afterwards. Lotions help your skin lock in moisture which then keeps your skin smooth and soft.

As the temperatures dropping it is wise to up your skin care by using body butters. But if you don’t like to use heavy moisturizers, lotions are just the perfect answer to your problem.

At Marie’s we understand that every body is unique and requires unique care. Thus, we offer you a fully customizable product. If you experience reactions towards let’s say some butters, we can change the recipe. What if you don’t like a certain scent? We can leave out the essential oils altogether or find a combination you’ll love.

Body Butters to choose from:

Shea, Cocoa, Kokum, Mango, Avocado

All body lotions have a coconut oil base, and are usually made with sweet almond oil.

Because we believe that uniqueness doesn’t equal higher prices, we won’t charge more for changes of the recipe. You’re welcome!