Rich Organic Hand Salve For Dry Skin


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Oh Winter, I love you so. But I sure don’t appreciate my skin being extremely dry and cracking. Plus wearing protective vinyl gloves most of the day doesn’t help either. Try Rich Organic Hand Salve for Dry Skin made by Marie’s AromaÖle!

In this particular case I wanted to keep things super simple so a salve was the perfect solution to help my dry skin along. Salves are made of an oil base combined with beeswax. It is simple as this but usually it means a lot of grease too. The thing is that in our computer-driven century, we don’t want any grease on our hands. To help with the greasiness of a salve, I added cosmetic-grade Kaolin clay. Kaolin clay helps a lot with absorption. And then there is Lavender essential oil which is great for irritated or otherwise rough skin. Just the best ingredients to get the moisture in your stressed skin.

Pro Tip:

Because this is a really dense product, you also want to use a super small amount to start…a very small amount will go a long way. Well, good for you because you’re product will last quite some time. Go, healthy-looking and moisturized skin! Just in case you were wondering…I’m sure you can also use this salve on your feet. Your feet won’t know the difference. I strongly recommend to this at night…with socks. Just to protect the sheets and keep the moisture where it is needed.


My hand salve contains organic olive oil, organic beeswax, cosmetic grade Kaolin clay, and Lavender essential oil. It is a super rich organic hand salve so I strongly recommend to use it overnight or when you don’t plan to touch something that can’t take some grease (such as a computer screen). However, my skin is so extremely dry that I’m able to apply this once or twice throughout the day. Help your skin out with this organic rich hand salve for dry skin throughout the Winter season!